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The Jack and Lavon Brosseau Creativity Awards

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The Brosseau Creativity Awards recognize outstanding creativity and originality among University of Kansas undergraduate students who engage in creative scholarly work in any discipline. Collaborative work is especially encouraged, in line with the Museum’s commitment to bringing together diverse peoples and ideas around a central topic or object.

Lavon Brosseau of Concordia, Kansas, established this award to encourage and reward creative work that has the potential to influence the cultural contributions of an emerging generation. In her words, “There is a deep and almost sacred beauty in literature and in art. Each may deal with the abstract and each may involve interpretation, but each has its own reality that permits the mind to explore and to soar.”

Learn more about the Brosseau Creativity awards and how to apply.

2017 Recipients

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In the writing category, Liz James of Overland Park, Kansas, was recognized for her interdisciplinary paper “Glenn Ligon and Frederick Douglass: Nearly Three Centuries of Black Male Identity in America.” Committee members noted that the piece “masterfully combines an examination of issues working across media with the complexities of race.” James is a senior majoring in art history, English, and French.

Read James's submission

Diverse Media

In the diverse media category, Trevor Bashaw of Manhattan, Kansas, was recognized for their multimedia transcript "Some Queer Shit," which combines poetry, critical and philosophical writing, personal accounts, and visual art. Committee members were impressed with Bashaw’s ability to "connect personal experience in such a complicated, multilayered work." Bashaw is a sophomore majoring in English with a minor in art history.

View Bashaw's submission

Honorable Mention

Hunter Harding received an honorable mention in diverse media for her short film Trippy Firedance. Harding is a junior majoring in film and media studies with a minor in journalism.

2016 Recipients

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In the writing category, Crystal Bradshaw of Jetmore, Kansas, was recognized for an excerpt from her book Eliza: A Generational Journey, which deals with themes of heritage and identity in the time of slavery in the United States. Committee members described her piece as a “powerful statement of reclamation” and a project of “amazing scope and ambition.” Bradshaw is a junior studying English with a focus in creative writing.

Read Bradshaw’s Submission

Diverse Media

In the diverse media category, Nicholas Shaheed of Lawrence, Kansas, was recognized for his musical composition “Three Languages,” which explores the concepts of science and computing through a musical narrative in three movements. Committee members praised the piece for its successful integration of two disparate fields, calling it “transformative.” Shaheed is a senior majoring in computer science and music composition and theory.

Listen to Shaheed’s submission
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Honorable Mentions

Alexandra Stanley of St. Louis, Missouri, received an honorable mention for her sculpture Mannequin Made, which the committee selected for both its visual and technical skill as well as its clearly developed ideas. Stanley is a senior majoring in visual art education.

Ashley Arnett of Kansas City, Kansas, received an honorable mention for her multimedia artwork series Hosts: Cordyceps Impetus. The committee praised Arnett’s ability to push beyond the natural tendencies of the materials she used to achieve an “arresting” and “visceral” reaction. Arnett is a senior majoring in textile design.