Photograph of Dario Robleto, a dark haired man in a hoodie, looking at prints on a table

Dario Robleto

Residency: Spring 2021

Dario Robleto is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher, and self-proclaimed citizen scientist and materialist poet whose research-driven practice results in intricately handcrafted objects that reflect his exploration of history, science, and medicine, among other topics. In conjunction with Healing, Knowing, Seeing the Body, Robleto created The Aorta of an Archivist, an immersive sound and video installation that combines his longstanding interests in the cosmos, the human heart, and the history of recording to explore the possibilities and limitations of human observation in the pursuit of knowledge. Framed by the concept of the “unobservable universe,” the piece reflects on the many thresholds humans have crossed to better observe and understand our bodies and one another. The Aorta of an Archivist also builds on Robleto’s deep research on the human heart and his portfolio of fifty prints The First Time, The Heart (A Portrait of Life, 18541913).