Photographic color portrait of a light-skinned woman with blonde hair, yellow glasses, and a bright orange scarf

Ingrid Bachmann

Residency: Spring 2021

Transdisciplinary artist Ingrid Bachmann works in a variety of media—from video and performance to kinetic sculpture and textiles to drawing and painting—to explore the complex social, emotional, and biological dimensions of contemporary life. As the International Artist-in-Residence for Healing, Knowing, Seeing the Body, Bachmann is creating a site-specific installation that invites contemplation of the human body through an immersive sensory experience. Using texture, sound, and scale, Embrace explores touch, contact, and healing—issues that are achingly relevant to understanding how we can connect with and care for one another during a public health crisis like COVID-19.

Bachmann currently serves as professor of studio arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She has created several works as part of Hybrid Bodies, a multidisciplinary research and artistic project focused on exploring the complexities of organ transplantation by raising questions about bodily integrity, personal identity, and the relationship between organ recipients and their donors. Her work has been exhibited throughout Canada, and internationally in the United States, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Australia and Cuba. Exhibitions include the 11th Havana Biennial (Cuba), the Quebec Biennial, Manifestation d’art International 6 (Canada), Flesh of the World (Canada), Command Z: Artists Exploring Phenomena and Technology (USA), and Lab 30 (Germany).