Detail of work by Park Jaeyoung

Park Jaeyoung

Residency: October 20, 2016 – November 14, 2016

As part of Temporal Turn, the Spencer’s major exhibition of contemporary Asian art, Korean artist Park Jaeyoung will visit Lawrence during October and November 2016 to create new, site-specific artwork. Park’s work draws from ubiquitous American and Japanese popular media, employing science fiction themes to pose astute social commentaries. He first visited the Museum for a site visit in September 2015, at which time he proposed to stage a local iteration of his Bokaisen project, an ongoing artwork about an imagined, mutant creature called bokaisen. The work will infuse Park’s ongoing artwork with elements of Kansas history and Native American lore.

Park earned his MFA from the sculpture department at Seoul National University. His work has been featured in group exhibitions organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art (2011) and the Seoul Museum of Art (2010), and in solo exhibitions at Brain Factory (2011) and Dukwon Gallery (2008). 

Selected images