Wonder Fair Presents: Our Tube Summer Viewing Program

July 7, July 28, August 11 & August 25, 2011
Spencer Museum of Art OnePlex (aka Gift Shop)

Eric Dobbins, Lee Piechocki, Jason Barr, and Kelly John Clark

Eric Dobbins, Lee Piechocki, Jason Barr and Kelly John Clark—the four artists at Lawrence's Wonder Fair Art Gallery, Shoppe, and Studio—present Our Tube, a creative play on the YouTube culture, in which users from around the world create and share videos.

Each Our Tube series shares four common themes: curating, re-working, critiquing, and advertising. In each episode of the series, one artist will curate by selecting an existing YouTube video; one artist will re-work through the creation of a copy-cat video, in line with the video sharing community; one artist will offer a video critique of the original video; and finally, one artist will create a video advertisement. The four artists will rotate through each of the roles, performing each task once throughout the project.

Our Tube Part 1
Part I
(premiered July 7, 2011)
Our Tube Part 2
Part II
(premiered July 28, 2011)
Our Tube Part 3
Part III
(premiered August 11, 2011)
Our Tube Part 4
Part IV
(premiered August 25, 2011)