Assaf Evron

Assaf Evron

Artist statement

It is really hard to know what matters and what art means in all this sadness. I am sharing images of work in process. The work itself is very simple; on my daily quarantine walks, I photographed various building surfaces in my Chicago neighborhood. I printed the photographed surfaces and rolled the paper into a cylinder, then re-photographed the cylinder so I could get the illusion of depth and roundness and print it again. On top of the new print, I place a custom-cut mat board in the shape of a vase, which constitutes the flat photograph as an object.

I am interested in the sinking of languages of modernism into vernacular cultures and folklore. To be more specific, I am looking into the idiosyncratic bricklaying and marble patterns in American architecture. I juxtapose brick patterns with material culture on a trans-historical trajectory and examine it vis-a-vis material itself. I am thinking not only about perception and objecthood in the field between photography and sculpture, but also about the potentials of bending architecture and flexible walls.

Artist bio

Assaf Evron was a featured artist in the Spencer Museum’s 2019–2020 exhibition knowledges. For Evron’s commission, he extended his series of color space sculptures and exhibited these works for the first time in conversation with prints that also reference color spaces. Evron participated in the 2019 Integrated Arts Research Initiative (IARI) colloquium and Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) national conference. He was also a contributor to the Museum’s publication Inquiries.