Bulldog Art Tours

Experience the Spencer from the perspective of eighth-graders from Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, KS, home of the Bulldogs! Each year, as part of a communications class project, students visit the Spencer Museum to study artworks and choose one to use as inspiration for an audio guide. The narratives inform listeners about the selected artwork and also incorporate the students' own observations and reactions.

Andrew Neuenswander

Claude Buck

Cameron Williams

Elaine de Kooning

Carter Fite

unknown maker from Jordan

Connor Coons

unknown maker from Japan

Evan Zelvy

Jim Dine


William Fleming



Rhett Sullivan

Gustave Courbet


unknown maker from Bohemia (Present-day Czech Republic) or the United States

Sejun Yun

Dutch School

Sullivan Leitch


Suret Sultan

Robert Carston Arneson

Toby Kwan

Konoike Tomoko

Torin Yung

Bruce Beasley

Tuyen Le

attributed to Elisabetta Sirani

Vedsai Badrivenkata

Dale Chihuly