Bulldog Art Tours

See the Spencer through young eyes by touring the galleries accompanied by audio podcasts from Southwest Middle School eighth-graders in Lawrence, KS. As part of a Communications Class project, students visited the museum, studied the artworks and chose one to use as an inspiration for a podcast. The narratives brief the listener about the selected work and also incorporate the students’ own observations and reactions.

Abdullah Ahmed

Okura Jiro

Adam Walther

Diego Romero

Addeline Garcia

Charles Walter Stetson

Alon Unz

Philip James de Loutherbourg

Aris Grady

Hollis Sigler

Asa Morrison

Hoerman Brothers Manufacturing Company

Baker Anderson

Robert Carston Arneson

Benjamin Schrock

Master of Frankfurt Workshop

Billy Moon

Andy Warhol

Braiden Bangalan

Luca Giordano

Caleb Prescott

Andy Warhol

Caleb Stelk

François Du Quesnoy, Alessandro Algardi

Carlos Vasquez-Espinosa

Randy Regier

Carter Knox

Xu Hongbo

Christopher Stone

Joe Coleman

Claire Howard

Carlos Colombino

Ellie Bates

Christian Boltanski

Emily Bial

Irving Norman

Emma Nelson

Paw Oo Thet (called POT)

Ethan Harris

Robert Carston Arneson

Gwen Elo

Harvey Dinnerstein

Ian Snyder

Master of the Nivelles Crucifixion

Isabel Loney

Jacopo Palma il Giovane

Jack Morse

Thomas Hart Benton

Joe Leuschen

Sanford Robinson Gifford

Joohye Oh

Peter Carnelisz Van Rijck

Kat Fischer

Pierre Eugine Emile Herbet

Kate Pilakowski

Xu Hongbo

Kirk Johnson

Yee Sookyung

Krishi Sabarwal



Tom Wesselmann

Nate Pilakowski

Master of Frankfurt Workshop

Nora Gerami

Yelimane Fall

Piper Leitch

Yellow and Red

Rachel Krambeer

Robert Swain Gifford

Ryan Duan

Frederick John Eversley

Ryan Roberts

Robert Vickrey

Sarah Church

Lesley Dill

Sophie Bracker Sturm

Thomas Moran

Spencer Ware

Dale Chihuly

Taseen Jamal

Albert Bierstadt

Theo Weis

Xu Hongbo

Tony Racy

Jacopo da Empol

Zachary Bollinger

Christian Boltanski