Bulldog Art Tours

Experience the Spencer from the perspective of eighth-graders from Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, KS, home of the Bulldogs! Each year, as part of a communications class project, students visit the Spencer Museum to study artworks and choose one to use as inspiration for an audio guide. The narratives inform listeners about the selected artwork and also incorporate the students' own observations and reactions.

Aidan Zimney

Wendell Castle

Anand Singh

Homer Green


Harry Bertoia

Andrew Ely

Du Kun

Andrew Henderson


Anna Egan

Martin Johnson Heade


Osvaldo Louis Guglielmi

Benjamin Boyack

Richard Mawdsley

Bradley Schrock

William Andrew Pacheco

Callia Peterson

Bunky Echo-Hawk

Cassidy Dunn

Albert Bierstadt

Christopher Jennings

Ignaz Günther

Cuyler Dunn

Winslow Homer

Eva Ackley

Yinka Shonibare


Irving Norman

Gabriella Biel

Frederick John Eversley

Hannah De Guzman

Keith Jacobshagen

Helen Viloria

Karen LaMonte

Jake Shew

Joseph Ducreux

Jared Loos

Albert Bierstadt


Philip James de Loutherbourg


Jacopo da Empoli

Joon Chun



William Morris

Kaylen Flachsbarth

Andy Warhol

Madison Beeley

William Andrew Pacheco

Molly Weishaar

Harry Bertoia

Nina Katz

Du Kun

Ridwan Firman

Luke Watson

Samantha Whittlesey

Dale Chihuly

Santino Jasso

Wu Chi-Tsung

Trevor Sidabutar