Bulldog Art Tours

Experience the Spencer from the perspective of eighth-graders from Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, KS, home of the Bulldogs! Each year, as part of a communications class project, students visit the Spencer Museum to study artworks and choose one to use as inspiration for an audio guide. The narratives inform listeners about the selected artwork and also incorporate the students' own observations and reactions.

Alison Gehrke

Bruce Beasley


Petah Coyne


Carlos Colombino

Becca Moran

David Teniers II

Caitlin Dodd

Dale Chihuly


Wayne Thiebaud

Cole Sidabutar

Jacopo da Empoli

Cooper Enyart


Cooper Hicks

Harry Bertoia


Albert Bloch

Elliot Abromeit

Robert Carston Arneson

Ethan Kallenberger

Mariano Salvador de Maella

Evan Frook

Paul John Wonner

Fiona McAllister

Christian Boltanski

Jacob Russell

Richard Mawdsley

Joaquin Dorado

Roger Shimomura

Kari Karnes

Lesley Dill

Kelvin Suddith

Luis Alfonso Jimenez

Matt Roe

Andy Warhol

Michael Corbett

unknown maker from Belgium

Nathanial Hoopes

Frederick John Eversley

Noah Christilles

Jan van Vucht and Anthonie Palamedesz

Prerona Kundu

Cynthia Schira

Price Morgan

Johannes Pietersz. Schoeff

Rose Uhrich



Bernardo Bellotto

Spencer Conard

Mateo Romero

Steele Jacobs

William Harper

Sydney Davis

Xu Hongbo

Tom Riggs

Thomas Hart Benton