Bulldog Art Tours

Experience the Spencer from the perspective of eighth-graders from Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, KS, home of the Bulldogs! Each year, as part of a communications class project, students visit the Spencer Museum to study artworks and choose one to use as inspiration for an audio guide. The narratives inform listeners about the selected artwork and also incorporate the students' own observations and reactions.

Ali Dodd

Thomas Patch

Allie Rood

Lesley Dill

Anna Bial

Richard E. Miller

Anna Osterhaus

Claude Buck

Anton Barybin

Joseph Ducreux

Brian Myers

Harvey Dinnerstein

Calvin DeWitt

Harry Bertoia

Cami Furbeck

Bernard Sejourne

Charles Bermel

Bruce Beasley

Claire Walther

Gillis van Tilborgh


Thomas Cole

David Gates

Luis Alfonso Jimenez

Dylan Snyder

Raymond Jonson


Andy Warhol

Elisa Jalenak

Frederick John Eversley


Albert Bierstadt


Diego Romero

Harrison Hughes

Carlos Colombino

Hirsh Guha

U Sunok


Donald Judd

Jackson Hoy

John Steuart Curry


Duchy of Brabant

Janet Stefanov

Jan Matulka

Jared Lieberman

Philip James de Loutherbourg

Jeffrey Wilson

Donald Judd

Jeseung Lee

Thomas Moran

John Ely

Thomas Hart Benton

Lacey Greenfield

Petah Coyne

Lacey Windholz

Dale Chihuly

Maddy Johnson

Sanford Robinson Gifford

Mariah Kaufman

Paul Wonner

Milo Schoenen

Claude Lorrain

Piper Rogers

Paul Manship

Quentin Harrington

Bruce Beasley

Ting Ting Shi

Jim Leedy

Toshita Barve

Thomas Hart Benton

Ulises Magana de la Paz

C. Bechstein