Graduate Fellows

Headshot of white woman with blond hair smiling at camera

Suzan Hampton

Fall 2022-Spring 2023
Photographic color portrait of a light-skinned woman with dark hair in front of a bookcase

Jennifer Nielsen

Fall 2021–Spring 2022
Photographic color portrait of a light-skinned man with glasses and blond hair. He is wearing a blue button-up shirt and smiling at the camera.

Clint Hurshman

Fall 2020–Spring 2021
Najmeh Moradiyan-Rizi

Najmeh Moradiyan-Rizi

Fall 2019–Spring 2020
Imani Wadud at a community project meeting

Imani A. Wadud

Fall 2018–Spring 2019
Bryce Heesacker and others walk through a field

Bryce Heesacker

Fall 2017–Spring 2018
Polo Camacho

Polo Camacho

Fall 2016–Spring 2017