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Yarn Bombing” ignites SMA entrance

Lawrence, KS, June 27, 2012 – A squadron of snuggly snails currently occupies a bench near the Spencer Museum of Art's front entrance. While "snuggly" and "snails" may seem contradictory terms, in this case they're not--these snails are of the subgenus Helix soft and crocheted. And they fit right in with the colorful yarn flowers currently blooming in the Museum's central greenspace.

The knit flora and fauna are just small parts (pun intended) of a short-term installation by a team of about 20 Lawrence-area knitting and crochet enthusiasts (twice as many contributed work) who last weekend "yarn bombed" scaffolding on the Museum's lawn originally erected as part of the Spencer's Prepared: Strategies for Activists. Contributions to this cacophony of color came from as far away as Brazil, the United Kingdom, Maryland, and West Virginia.

The project marks yet another Spencer partnership with the Lawrence Public Library; participants earned credit in the LPL’s "Summer in the City" program.

"Museums are becoming the locus of more and more yarn bombings," says SMA Director of Education Kristina Walker, who in addition to helping organize the event also contributed work. "I was impressed with how organized this group was--they really appreciated having a very visible place to do this. But the thing that most struck me was how enthusiastic people were to come together with like-minded people. There's been a steady stream of interest from the public about the yarn bombing, too."

Come see what the fuss is all about before it unravels on Sunday.

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Kristina Walker
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