A gallery with several freestanding sculptures and a wall of cases containing pottery with a staircase on the left


Fall 2022
John & Linda Stewart Gallery, 406

An intersection is a place of possibility and potential where a traveler can choose which route to take. Like an intersection, a museum is a crossroads where people, ideas, and objects come together through many paths. This exhibition shares works of art from the Spencer Museum’s global collection that demonstrate how knowledge, understanding, and meaning have been co-created. Thematic groupings invite you to consider topics such as the connections between craft, community, and social ritual; artistic creativity and innovation; the movement of ideas, people, and objects; and the commodification and consumption of goods, natural resources, and human labor. Interpretive materials provide multiple points of access for audiences and invite them to chart their own paths through the galleries.

This exhibition is organized by a team of Spencer Museum staff from multiple departments including student staff, with contributions from community advisors. The project is generously supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Selected images