An adoption referral photograph of an infant up for adoption from 1975.


Larry & Barbara Marshall Family Balcony, 404

Megan Rye's connection with adoption communities has inspired her art project Foundling, which features 100 portraits that Rye painted of children who were adopted from overseas by parents in the United States. Rye is a Minnesota-based artist who was adopted from South Korea. An estimated 35,000 adult adoptees from overseas do not have U.S. citizenship because their adoptive parents did not understand that their child was not automatically granted citizenship, they found the paperwork costs daunting, or they abandoned their adopted child. Some of these adoptees have been deported to their birth countries. Foundling offers profound insights into the meanings of home and examines immigrants' civil rights in the United States. In addition to Rye's portraits, this exhibition will include select works from the Spencer's collection that relate to immigration.