Roger Shimomura, Sansei Woman, 1980

Power Clashing: Clothing, Collage, and Contemporary Identities

Kemper Family Foundations Balcony, 408

This exhibition explores the material and symbolic language of clothing in a variety of mediums and cultures from the 1960s to the present. Inspired by the legacy of Mimi Smith’s groundbreaking Steel Wool Peignoir (1966), one of the first works of art to use clothing as sculpture, Power Clashing brings together artists who examine the ways cloth and collage function, and even overlap, as social and aesthetic forms. Through a selection of modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, textiles, and works on paper, the objects presented in this exhibition offer multiple perspectives on how collage and clothing render new forms that stitch together diverse—and often conflicting—materials, influences, identities, and meanings.

Selected images