The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists

Sam and Connie Perkins Central Court, 317; Dolph Simons Family Gallery, 316; Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation Gallery, 315

The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists considers profound understandings of place in the work 30 artists who received degrees from KU since the 1950s throughout the 2010s. Place can be both literal and figurative; imagined, avoided, embraced, or criticized. Place can be a site of memory, comfort, tension, or identity.

The focus on place also explores the power of this place—the KU campus and community—in shaping students who make art. This exhibition highlights the ways that the Spencer Museum and the University support and benefit from our ongoing relationships with artists who have, at one time, called KU home.

This exhibition and related programs are supported by the Franklin D. Murphy Lecture Fund of the Kress Foundation Department of Art History; Friends of the Art Museum; the Linda Inman Bailey Exhibitions Fund; the Judith M. Cooke Native American Art Fund; the KU Alumni Association; KU Student Senate; and Elizabeth Broun, the Henry Luce Foundation.

Selected images