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The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists

Sam and Connie Perkins Central Court, 317; Dolph Simons Family Gallery, 316; Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation Gallery, 315

The Power of Place considers profound understandings of place in the work of more than a dozen featured artists at work today. Each artist compels the power of hand making in some form, and addresses the power of place, whether it be historical places; the spaces of a textile as place; sites or places of past or current distress, trauma, or violence; place as an abstract idea; or place as a visceral reality. Another uniting element is that all of the artists earned degrees from The University of Kansas (KU), most with bachelors and some with masters degrees. The focus on place also explores the power of this place—the KU campus and community—in shaping students who make art.

This exhibition is supported by KU Student Senate and the Linda Inman Bailey Exhibitions Fund.

Selected images